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Pursuing Dreams:

We live an unusual life. It's been wonderful and adventurous. Were serial entrepreneurs. 

We are builders, (restaurant, homes) married co-workers (our life work is building a life together) a partnering

 of practicality and a pure dream, (the balance shifts from day to day). We don’t live a typical life and our life literally does not fit into boxes on forms. We happen to believe that life really is about choices and we love what happens when interesting ones get paired together.

 Our dreams become real by building? Not-by-buying-things.

 It's odd it's wonderful and it's right for us.

From very early on we were adventurous. We have been dealt many different hands in our lifetime.

 Each hand has had its lasting impressions on us.

From owning our Travel agency we have had the great fortune of traveling the world. We have been to 3 continents, at least fifty cruises all over the world, and stayed at some of the quaintest, remote, and five-star properties in the world.

We love to experience different cuisines and have had the great opportunity of bringing our food experiences to life on a plate at our New York Inn which featured a fine dining restaurant for two Beds & Breakfasts in New York for 10 years.

They gave us such pleasure, enjoyment, and life experiences. 


Joey's wonderful talented voice has given him the ability to do what he loves for a living and the great opportunity of bringing so much joy via his music to so many people. He is currently well established in South West Florida area. He enjoys it when someone questions if he really is singing as they cannot believe how much he sounds like the artist he is singing.


So here we are pursuing another dream we have decided to settle for a simpler life on the beach bringing other people's dreams to life via our own.